“This is a Peaceful Protest”

Video: What's it like in the Wisconsin capitol?
Wisconsin protests, video still by Matt Wisniewski

University of Wisconsin student Matt Wisniewski created this video from two days of footage taken in the Wisconsin state capitol building, where teachers, fire fighters, and others have been rallying in defense of union rights for the last week.

The protests have drawn tens of thousands of public workers and their supporters in opposition to a proposed bill that would cut their wages, benefits, and right to bargain collectively. Solidarity protests have been reported in a number of other states.



  • It took a while, but protests in Wisconsin show that poor and middle class Americans are ready to push back against the policies and cuts that hurt them most. Madison may be only the beginning.

  • As Wisconsin's public workers fight to keep their wages and bargaining rights, they're joined by others involved in a labor struggle: their Super Bowl champion neighbors.

  • The best signs and slogans from protesters in Wisconsin.