Tim DeChristopher: The Climate Movement Needs to Step It Up

Speaking at Power Shift 2011, activist Tim DeChristopher says it’s high time the environmental movement stop just making statements–and start taking a stand.
Tim DeChristopher at Power Shift 2011

Video from energyaction on YouTube.

Two years ago, Tim DeChristopher prevented 22,500 acres of public lands in Utah from being auctioned off for oil and gas extraction when he placed bids he couldn't pay. The Department of Interior later called the auction illegitimate, but DeChristopher was still recently convicted of two felonies for his acts of civil disobedience that day. He is awaiting his sentence, which could be as many as 10 years in jail.

Now, speaking at Power Shift 2011, DeChristopher asks, "Where is the point when our movement is going to say that stopping this injustice is more important than my career plans, is more important than my comfort and convenience?"

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