Van Jones: Now is the Time to Protect the American Dream

Video: "It's time for the deep patriots to stand up to the cheap patriots." Van Jones' address to Netroots Nation 2011.

"It's time for the deep patriots to stand up to the cheap patriots." That was Van Jones' message to the bloggers and organizers gathered at this year's Netroots Nation Conference in Minneapolis.

In response to policies that he called "a wrecking ball agenda for our country"—including attacks on workers' rights, environmental and safety protections, and economic fairness—Jones called for a movement to protect the American Dream: the ability of all Americans to provide for their families with dignity.

"I'm not talking about the American fantasy—everybody's going to be rich; you buy a lot of things, you'll be happy," Jones clarified. "No, that has led to the American nightmare. That has to go—we don't believe in that at all. I'm talking about something much, much deeper than that."

Van Jones is a former contributing editor to YES! Magazine and the founder of Green for All, a national organization working to build a green economy and pull people out of poverty.

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  • Video: Van Jones speaks at YES! Magazine's 15th anniversary party.

  • Workers across the country are demanding to know why corporations and the wealthy get bailouts and tax breaks while teachers and steel workers bear the burdens of budget crises.

  • All around you are everyday heroes who refuse to be complicit in the economic mistreatment of other people.