Video: Remembering Nelson Mandela and His Reconciliation Process—Which Is Needed Now More Than Ever

A singing flash mob honors the passing of Nelson Mandela, who helped establish South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation process after apartheid.

Days after the grand jury rulings to reject the indictments of police officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, this South African flash mob’s beautiful song shines light on the importance of reconciliation, which we at YES! have argued offers a way for the United States to begin healing the trauma caused by racialized violence.

As groceries are bagged at the checkout and shoppers cross off items from their lists, a man from the Soweto Gospel Choir starts to sing. Others walk in from the aisles, harmonizing in tribute to the passing of Nelson Mandela, who had died just days earlier.

Mandela helped establish South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation process, which was a movement toward elevating the voices of apartheid's victims and allowing the nation to engage in public truth-telling about atrocities committed. Watching this video helps us imagine what reconciliation might feel like if the United States followed such a path.