Wadah Khanfar: Hope for the Arab World

Video: The head of Al Jazeera shares his hope for the Arab world's new future—and how we can all help it grow.
Wadah Khanfar video still

"A new generation—well-educated, connected, inspired by universal values and global understanding—has created a new reality for us."

Wadah Khanfar, the Director General of Al Jazeera, discusses the Arab world's collective memory of decades of authoritarian rule, failed international occupations, and how the current people's revolutions are changing it all.

How does Al Jazeera—the only international television network based in the developing world—fit in? "Al Jazeera is not a tool of revolution—we do not create revolutions," says Khanfar. "Al Jazeera took the voice of these people, and we amplified it."


  • Al Jazeera reports on the years of organizing that underpinned Egypt's "spontaneous" uprising.

  • Lessons from revolutions past: How the rest of us will need to adapt to changing geopolitics.

  • An American organizer on Egypt's lessons in people power.
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