A Bikeshare Success Story

Who says Washington never gets anything right?

From Streetfilms on Vimeo.

With 114 stations in and around Washington D.C. and plans for more, the Capital Bikeshare program makes cycling in the city simple and appealing. Whether put to use for a daily commute or a single day's tourist venture, the bicycles can be picked up and dropped off at any station.

The program, which celebrates its first birthday in September, has met with great success in its goal to get people out and moving around the city. A relatively new idea in most of parts of the United States, bike shares lower the barriers to entry for new cyclists, and help make cycling a central part of city transportation—not just the hobby of a few.


  • The Dutch have spent 35 years perfecting the country's bicycling infrastructure. We, too, can transform biking from a recreational pastime to an integral part of our transportation system.

  • Richard Conlin: Green urban travel shouldn’t be about guilt trips or prohibition, but about making the good choices easy.

  • Los Angeles—perhaps America’s most famously car-choked city—briefly became a modern transportation morality play.