“A New Kind of Self-Awareness”: Film Explores Implications of Seeing Earth from Space

How has the experience of seeing our planet from outer space changed the way we think about it?

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

"Suddenly we look back on ourselves and it seems to imply a new kind of self-awareness," says philosopher David Loy in the short documentary Overview as images of Earth slide across the screen, and it's true.

As we gaze at the film's (seemingly) otherworldly images—the swirling turquoise and blues of the oceans, the shimmering punctuations of lightning storms, the faint yet distinctive line of shadowy gray that separates one continent's night from another's day—we cannot help but be overcome by a sense of awe.

And the awe isn't just about the physical beauty of our planet—the images speak to our connection to it, as well. After all, as astronaut Edgar Mitchell points out, we all come from stardust.

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