Big Problem, Big Art

Photo essay: As climate negotiators meet in Cancun, activists the world over are reminding them of what’s at stake with some very big art.
Scarab Play, Photo by Ahmed Hayman

Photo by Ahmed Hayman

eARTh, Photo by Marvin del CidAs climate negotiators meet in Cancun this week to discuss how to respond to the threat of global climate change, activists are using a new tool to remind them just how big the problems—and the possibilities—are. In a mobilization sponsored by, citizens from all corners of the globe gathered together in a series of giant aerial art projects. Many of them were photographed from orbiting satellites.

“These negotiations won’t move until we force political change in individual countries, and that’s exactly what you’re helping to do," wrote founder Bill McKibben in an email to supporters. "Working together, we can move the world a little closer to the sea-change we must have."

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