Complete Streets: It’s About More Than Bike Lanes

How a few simple changes have transformed streets in New York City.
Biking in Bike Lane

Over the last several years, New York City has transformed its transportation system through street redesign, providing safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Improvements like bike lanes and bus-only lanes have not only provided more efficient means of transportation, but have also led to fewer injuries due to diminished speeding, shorter pedestrian crossings, less lane-shifting, and more predictable movements for drivers.

In this video, Streetfilms looks at three of the most recent street redesign projects to show how the city is moving toward a safer, greener future.


  • How Portland plans to become the first world-class bike city in America.

  • How one man's choice to live car-free brought him more in touch with his neighbors, his community, and himself.

  • A system of bicycle routes to connect the nation? It’s happening.
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