Farming With the Wild

Photo Essay: How agriculture and wildlands can both flourish—together.
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Click to view photos from Farming With the Wild. Photographs by Daniel Imhoff.

Farming With the Wild Cover

Farming With the Wild
by Daniel Imhoff
Sierra Club Books, 2003, 184 pages, $22.00

Imagine a future in which our farms and ranches integrate with wildlands—instead of destroying them.

Farming With the Wild: Enhancing Biodiversity on Farms and Ranches, author Daniel Imhoff's 2003 photographic journey through both farmland and wildlands of the United States, provides a glimpse of what that future could look like. Imhoff visits farmers, ranchers, government agencies, and others to learn how people are already creating a sustainable fusion of agriculture and the wild.  As North Dakota farmer Fred Kirschenmann writes in the introduction, "Despite decades of research and education devoted to controlling Nature, we have a lot of catching up to do. We first need to comprehend how the prairie ecology functions so that we can better understand how to farm by accessing Nature's free ecoysystem services while improving the land's capacity to renew itself."


  • The Greenhorns documentary follows young farmers who are digging their way to an agricultural revolution.

  • Haiti's way forward is tied to food sovereignty and a renewed focus on local agriculture.

  • In spite of the daily discouraging environmental, political, and economic news, coaxing living things to grow somehow seems to make folks optimistic.
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