Finally! Get Ready for Your Eco-Sabbath

Take a break from everything on September 25th. Ohm shanti.
Sunday eco sabbath

Find out more about this one-week carbon cleanse.

Boy in grass photo by Jason

Photo by Jason.

This week you have phased out trash, unsustainable transportation, and consumption.

You’ve behaved more eco-consciously about your energy usage, water usage, and food habits. You have contributed your time to a good cause. You have truly embarked on a special journey!

Today, Sunday, is about awareness and taking some time back for yourself. This is a chance to lay off the lights, televisions, computers, appliances, cell phones, flashing gadgets, and other stuff that seems to make the world go round. It’s a special time to hang out (or in) by yourself or with friends and family. It is a time to reflect on the well-being of yourself and the planet. This first Eco-Sabbath you may wish to reflect on your No Impact week. Consider what worked well for you, what was particularly difficult, and what you’d like to permanently adopt. Consider how you can go even further. Think about how your week affected others in your life and what adjustments, if any, are in order. This is a time to discover and appreciate the bare necessities.

Ecology – The interrelationship between organisms and their environment
Sabbath – A time of rest
Eco-Sabbath – Together, you and the environment take a break

Steps to Prepare

  • How do you usually spend your day off? Consider how different — if at all — this day will be.

  • Plan your day: how do you need to prepare so that you don’t use any of your appliances, electronics, motorized transport, or money?

  • Stop everything.

  • Tie up your week; look back at your grateful lists and count the number of times you listed a consumable item (something that you buy). How did you feel and what did you learn from making this list everyday? Remember the bag of trash you collected last Sunday? Take that bag out and take the other bag of trash “mistakes” that you’ve been collecting throughout the week. Empty the contents. Did you create more or less trash over the week?

  • Join a What’s Your Tree (WYT) Group. Founded by Julia Butterfly Hill, WYT is building a movement of people who are meaningfully engaged in social change projects all over the world. Through a series of small group meetings, you will clarify how to take action consistent with your purpose.

  • Write down five things for which you are grateful, and share them with us on Facebook.

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