Get Ready for No Impact Friday: Water

Soak up the personal benefits of using less water: Steps to prepare for Day 6 of No Impact Week on September 23rd.
Friday Water

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Water foundation photo by Araceli Arroyo

Photo by Araceli Arroyo

You’re now six days into the No Impact Experiment.

Having looked at your trash, transportation, food, consumption, and energy habits, there’s one major daily lifestyle change left to tackle — water. A whopping 71 percent of Americans are trying to reduce their footprint. Of those 71 percent, 60 percent are reducing their water consumption, and saving a lot of money on their water and electric bill. In this economy, every flush counts! Turn off the tap. Believe us, you'll feel better about yourself.

Steps to Prepare

The average American uses 1,189 gallons of water per day. By changing the way you brush your teeth, water your lawn or wash your dishes, in addition to using efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances, you can reduce your water footprint by 25 percent.
  • Assess your current water habits from the moment you hit the snooze button until bedtime. Calculate your approximate water footprint and figure out the water footprint of your food here.
  • Create a list of the water you will likely consume today (not exact measurements, just general usage). Think about where you use water: at home, at work, church or school, on the go, and eating out. This will help you think about how you use water.
  • BEGIN! Turn off the faucet. Run the water gently when needed. Soak the dishes. Sponge-bathe. Ask yourself throughout the day: What is the hardest part about reducing the amount of water you use? Are you doing something particularly novel or fun to reduce your water consumption? Comment about it on our site, share a short video of a unique technique you’ve invented or show us some photos of the tools you used to cut back.
  • Write down five things for which you are grateful, and share them with us on Facebook.

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