Get Ready for No Impact Thursday: Energy

Replace kilowatts with ingenuity—explore no-energy alternatives to accomplish your daily tasks: Steps to prepare for Day 5 of No Impact Week on September 22nd.
Thursday Energy

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Candlelight photo by Dayvayen

Photo by Dayvayen

Today we are going to focus on reducing energy use.

You've reached the fifth day of your No Impact Experiment, and you have made incredible changes: you are making less trash, getting around on your own steam, eating better, and cutting back on your consumption. If life without electricity sounds daunting, well, it can be. The laundry machine was one of the things Colin and Michelle missed the most during their No Impact year. But they also found their apartment was cluttered with electricity-sucking devices they didn't miss at all. Without TV, they had to rely on each other for entertainment.

The family forged deeper relationships and had more meaningful conversations. They slept better following the natural rise and fall of the sun, and without refrigeration, they perfected a healthful culinary technique of preserving vegetables. Over the next four days, how far can you go to reduce your energy consumption?

Steps to Prepare

Switching to green energy is one of the easiest ways to make a big difference. In fact you can cut your carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 35 percent.
  • Assess current energy consumption habits. Walk from room to room in your home. List everything in each room that uses energy to operate (i.e., electricity, oil, gas, batteries). Put a star next to any item that you would ordinarily use in the remaining four days of your No Impact Experiment.
  • Next to each starred item, indicate if you are going to eliminate or mitigate your usage of that item. Not sure how to live without your fill in the blank? Brainstorm and spark a conversation with others online.
  • Unplug! Turn it off. Power down. Go off the grid. For the truly adventurous, turn off your electricity completely and see what happens.
  • Ask yourself throughout the day: What is the hardest part about reducing the amount of energy you use? 

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