Get Ready for No Impact Tuesday: Transportation

Burn calories, not fossil fuels: Steps to prepare for Day 3 of No Impact Week on September 20th.
Tuesday Transportation

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Jumping bikes photo by Katie HarrisDay 3. You’re one-quarter of the way through.

Think fewer emissions and more fun, free time, and money. Let’s hop to it and start brainstorming how you can change your mode of transportation to have the least impact possible. And remember — you're still attempting to buy nothing new and make no trash.

Two months into his No Impact year, Colin and his family began phasing out all forms of mechanized travel — no planes, subways, taxis, cars, not even elevators. They biked, walked, and scooted, and not only did better by the Earth, but discovered that “active transportation” is less stressful (no traffic jams!), cheaper, burns tons of calories, and is plain old FUN. Using active transportation lowers your stress — plus, you get to spend more time with your family. Now, who wants to honk at that?

Steps to Prepare

American car owners spend an average of 1,000 hours annually behind the wheel. What would you do with all that extra time?
  • Take stock of your habits: make a list of everywhere you’re going today and how you usually get there. What alternative modes of transportation could you use instead? Log onto your local transit authority’s website for an online trip planner. Organize a carpool, pick up a bus schedule or tune up your bicycle.
  • Throughout the day, keep a list of everything you eat, where you eat and where you purchase your food. This will help you get ready for Wednesday's challenge.
  • GO! Bike. Walk. Scoot. Glide. Hop on the bus. Carpool.
  • Take a moment to reflect on your day. Was it a nice change of pace or a difficult one? What benefits did you discover along your route? What could you improve in your experience? Share your experiences with us here.

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