Video: Hip-Hop Star Boots Riley Is “Brother Earth”

You already know his mom. But there’s a new talking planet on the scene, and climate change is messing with his style.

In this video produced by the Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project, a social change group based in Oakland, Calif., viewers meet the newest hero of the climate justice movement. That’s “Brother Earth,” a talking version of our own planet played by hip-hop star Boots Riley, the vocalist in the musical act The Coup.

“I’ve spent billions of years getting my atmospheric outfit just right,” Riley says, running a finger down the collar of his leather jacket. “But lately, something’s been messing with my style.”

That something, as you may have guessed, is climate change. The video moves on to make a strong plea for viewers to speak up about that and defend “Brother Earth” wherever they can, whether it’s outside the United Nation’s Climate Summit next week, or in their own neighborhood.

Highly recommended (although be advised that the video contains some strong language). If you’d like to learn more about Movement Generation, check out their site here.