How Do I Invite You to Grow Food?

Jenny Pell, Peak Moment Interview

In this Peak Moment Television interview, sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society, Peak Moment host Janaia Donaldson interviews Jenny Pell, founder and president of Permaculture Now! based in Port Townsend, Washington.

Permaculture isn't just about food. Pell discusses the new generation of permaculture practitioners and what it means for not agriculture, but also water systems, waste streams, natural building and community.

"Sustainable is not enough," says Pell. "I don't want to keep the status quo. Staying right here is not good enough; we have to be additive at this point.

Pell discusses some of the workshops she leads, on topics ranging from fungi to grafting; a new project she is working on to support gleaning, where people can access fields after harvest; and why sustainable doesn't mean giving things up, but gaining abundance instead.

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