How to Fight Fracking and Win

What started as one couple’s fight against gas drilling in their local park grew into a campaign to save more than 700,000 acres of Pennsylvania forest.
Save Rider Park video still

Video from Earthjustice on YouTube.

When Jen Slotterback found a well pad stake in a local park, she realized the forest would soon be taken over by a natural gas drilling—and the controversial process hydraulic fracturing, or fracking—unless she did something to stop it. Jen and her husband Jim had never organized a campaign before, and they only had 11 days before the vote on whether to allow fracking in the park. In that short amount of time and with the help of the Responsible Drilling Alliance (RDA), the Slotterbacks mobilized their community to save Rider Park. The board unanimously voted against the drilling.

Now the Slotterbacks and RDA are campaigning to save more than 700,000 acres of forest throughout Pennsylvania from fracking.

To learn more and sign the petition, click here.

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