Get On Your Feet For Moving Planet Day

Video: Join us in the global movement to move beyond fossil fuels on September 24, during No Impact Week.
Moving Planet Day video still


Join, YES!, and the No Impact Project for Moving Planet Day on September 24.

It's a global day of action to scale back on fossil fuels—both symbolically and politically. All around the world, thousands of participants are expected to fill the streets on sustainable forms of transport (including feet), and present their leaders with demands for climate action.

Participants in September's No Impact Week with YES! will round out a one-week collective carbon cleanse by participating in Moving Planet Day through activities like cycling from a problem (think oil refinery) to a solution (solar power plant); throwing neighborhood parades to get communities excited about carless transportation; delivering petitions to local leaders; or anything else they come up with.

You can sign up here to participate in No Impact Week,
September 18-25, as an individual or group.

Visit to find out how to connect to a Moving Planet Day project in your area.

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