No Impact Week Photo Awards

Food, energy, giving back, and more: The winning entries from January’s No Impact Week participants.
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In January, more than 3,000 of you joined us for No Impact Week, a one-week carbon cleanse that challenged participants to examine their impact on the planet—from transportation to food to energy and beyond—and help one another find better ways to live.

We combed through the many blog, photo, and video submissions to come up with winning entries for our No Impact Week photo and video awards, but it was so hard to choose from all the compelling stories and images that we included extras!

Click here to view the top photos in categories like Best Overall Slideshow, Exemplary Effort and Spirit, and Notable No Impact Fail.

Check out the winning videos below:

Winner for Best Video Documentation: Cooper Bates, Los Angeles, California.

Winner for Best Inspirational Piece: Ashe Jaafaru, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

For more information on No Impact Week, check out the No Impact Project.

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