No Impact Week with YES!: January 2011

YES! Magazine sponsored a national, one-week carbon cleanse, and thousands are participating. So how did it go?
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From January 2-9, nearly 3,000 people from multiple states and countries participated in No Impact Week—a one-week carbon cleanse that has helped thousands of people live happier, healthier, and more responsible lives.

The conversation thrived on Facebook, Twitter, and on our site as participants shared their stories, photos, and videos.  Check out our YES! No Impact Diaries for these exciting experiences!

The Week in Review

Sunday Consumption

Live a fuller and happier life by buying less stuff:
Now that the first challenge is completed, check in with fellow participants to see how a day away from consumption panned out.

Monday Trash

Discover how wasting less improves your life.

You've completed your first full day of life with less trash. What's in the bag at the end of the day?

Tuesday Transportation

Burn calories, not fossil fuels.
You've tried your luck at a day using alternative transportation. Did it work?

Wednesday Food

Healthy eating can also lessen your footprint.

You've completed Wednesday's food experiment and are halfway through No Impact Week: Our participants step up to the challenge of going local.

 Thursday Energy

Replace kilowatts with ingenuity—explore no-energy alternatives to accomplish your daily tasks.

Steps to prepare for Day 5

Friday Water

Soak up the personal benefits of using less water.

Steps to prepare for Day 6

 Saturday Giving Back

Pay it forward. Feel the benefits of service.

Steps to prepare for Day 7


Sunday eco sabbath

Take a break from everything. Ohm Shanti.

Steps to prepare for the final day.

YES! No Impact Week Blogroll

Find out how No Impact Week
took shape in the blogosphere with these
featured participants:

Deb Goes Green

The Smiths on Tour

Harvest Moon By Hand

Plant This Garden

Highly Uncivilized

More Stories



Empty Target shopping carts

The YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 1 Stories


Paper Cup photo by Chris-Håvard Berge

The YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 2 Stories



 Jumping bikes photo by Katie Harris

The YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 3 Stories



Girl eating fruit photo by Bruce Tuten

The YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 4 Stories



Candlelight photo by Dayvayen

The YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 5 Stories



Boy with Water photo by Alex Yo

The YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 6 Stories



Fingers hugging image by Ganesha IsisThe YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 7 Stories



Boy in grass photo by Jason

The YES! No Impact Diary:
Day 8 Stories


Rock Farmer

Not a Carbon Copy

Harpoon House

Jen and Joey Go Green




Who's Participating in No Impact Week?

Answer: Hundreds of you, from across the globe. Meet five enthusiastic players.

Colin Beavan and family


Colin Beavan: Help Me Build a Better Future

"No Impact Man" on what thousands have learned about happiness, community, and low-impact living through No Impact Week. Join him and YES! to kick off the next experiment

People in field photo by Dave King

Why Sign Up for No Impact Week?

A veteran reflects on how the one-week carbon cleanse taught him to be happier—and how it could teach you, too.



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