Ta'Kaiya Blogs on No Impact Week

Ta'Kaiya is a First Nations 10-year-old who's already proven her dedication to the Earth through activist art. She's taking it a step further with No Impact Week, and seeing how her family fares.
Ta'Kaiya Blaney

So far this week:

Ta'Kaiya Blaney

British Columbia, Canada

I'm a 10-year-old activist and performer living in North Vancouver and from the Sliammon First Nation. I enjoy studying about the oceans and marine life, and I wrote the song "Shallow Waters" last year with my instructor, Aileen De La Cruz, about an oil spill.

The message in the song is urgent because an oil spill on the Northwest coast could tragically end the traditional ay of life for many coastal First Nations. It would devastate habitat.

The reason why I am doing No Impact week is because one event leads to another big event. No Impact Week can lead to No Impact Month or Year or a complete change altogether. I feel the more people join in this event the higher the chances are of rescuing our earth from it's current situation. 

Sunday Consumption


Live a fuller and happier life by buying less stuff.

No Impact week day one. Honestly I am not having such a hard time with No Impact week. My parents, though, are really finding it an effort in in this event. 

I quit eating meat due to the methane that is released into the environment and adds to global warming. I had to give up my gigantic craving for bacon to help the Earth.

So far my family is proud not to have bought something at all today—big steps for my mom. My mom usually asks my dad for a ride to the store in the middle of the night. She says "Oh, I only need to get two things," half an hour later she comes back with two shopping carts of food in eco bags (we don't use plastic bags). Hopefully this No Impact week will help her break down her habits.

It's only mid September and I am already excited about October, with Thanksgiving and Halloween and school soon to be arrived. Thinking about Thanksgiving we should really be giving more Thanksgivings to the Earth.

I will be missing most of the feast this year because I am a vegetarian. I quit eating meat due to the methane that is released into the environment and adds to global warming. I had to give up my gigantic craving for bacon to help the Earth.

The other holiday I mentioned is Halloween. I am extremely exited for this upcoming Halloween. I am pumped to go as Mother Earth for Halloween. It sounds cheesy, but I think I will make it work with the right costume. Hey, all you need is a youtube tutorial and an imagination and you're good to go. I don't buy my halloween costumes because 1) Low impact, of course, 2) I like making my costumes Ta'Kaiya originals, and 3) Halloween is once a year, so why buy a Walmart costume?

I am also excited to start homeschool after a long break—all my school supplies this year are going to be environmentally friendly. :)

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Tuesday Transportation

Burn calories, not fossil fuels.

No Impact week day three. Today was Transportation Say, I presume. We took transit which is normal for us because we bus everywhere. We took the Sea-Bus and three buses. We also exersised with lots of walking and leg cramps (ouch)!

Reminds me of the song the Kermit the frog sings, "It's Not Easy Being Green." There was an angry bus driver we ran into today. She was strange because bus drivers are usually in a good mood. Actually one bus driver was fighting with a passenger—they were arguing about jobs.

My mom’s phone was malfunctioning so I was trying to fix it. Her phone makes a beeping noise every time a button is pressed, but the noise is silent. I can’t really hear it at all. The bus driver said “Please don’t do that behind my back,” and she wasn’t kind about it either. My mom disagreed and told the bus driver, “She isn’t playing a game.” The bus driver then interrupted my mom—she said “Yea, yea, but lady, it's very distracting."

Ugh, I got so infuriated, but sometimes you run into people like that. In respect of the first day of the carbon cleanse I have not bought anything new.

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