Que Viva el Arte De Regando

Andrew Mascarenas

Andrew Mascarenas is a sixth generation farmer in northern New Mexico. At  7,500 feet above sea level, his family's farm location in San Luis Valley is considered the "highest desert in the world."

Due to such a classification, farming here takes hard work and diligence: Harvesting is reliant on irrigation, both traditionally, with acequias, and by hand, called regando. A farmer's livelihood depends on assessing how much water is available and in which direction it tends to flow.

Winner of both the 2009 Edward Skerbelis Entertainment (ESE) Film Festival's "Audience Favorite" and Incredible Film Awards in Espanola, NM, Que Viva el Arte De Regando! shows the dedicated, hands-on role that Mascarenas' family and other farmers in New Mexico must play to keep their crops alive and their tradition intact. 

:: Community-controlled irrigation makes a comeback.


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