The Down and Dirty Movement to Reinvent Farming

The Greenhorns documentary follows young farmers who are digging their way to an agricultural revolution.
greenhorns pic

Declining food quality, degraded farmland, an aging population of farmers, and an increasingly tight hold on food production by corporations have inspired a growing movement: The Greenhorns  showcases how young farmers are getting down and dirty, learning how to farm outside the industrial agriculture model.

"The movement is for real. Its practitioners are skilled, savvy and ferocious. They are assets to their community and guarantors of our future." — Severine von Tscharner Fleming,


  • Today’s young farmers are protecting the land and seeds, reclaiming farming traditions, and sharing abundance with family and community. Meet some of these young farmers in our photo essay.

  • Vermont is leading the way toward agricultural and economic change. What we can learn from the "Slow Living Summit" about building sustainable economies everywhere.

  • The resilience of our food supply is as much about the quality and diversity of our food sources as it is about how much we produce.

  • Resistance to the trade and “aid” policies that displace farmers and increase hunger.