The Home and Garden Challenge

On May 14th and 15th, Americans across the country will be transforming their homes, gardens, and communities to meet the climate challenge.
Video still, The 350 Home and Garden Challenge


Last year, residents of Sonoma County, California planted over 600 gardens in a single weekend. This year, the grassroots groups Transition US and are helping their idea go national, with the 350 Home and Garden Challenge on May 14th and 15th. Though plenty of gardens are planned, participants will also be transforming homes and landscapes of all kinds—by weatherizing, installing greywater systems, or planting native, drought-resistant plants—and hosting classes, potlucks, and neighborhood swaps to build community.

Think your home or garden is up to the climate challenge? Have a community project you've been meaning to start? Click here for advice, information, or to register your action.

Video directed by Beau Bouverat, TINBIKE Productions


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