Video: Why Waste Coffee Grounds When Delicious Mushrooms Love to Grow on Them?

See how an urban farm in the United Kingdom is recycling coffee waste to grow gourmet mushrooms.

Grocycle Urban Mushroom Farm - growing gourmet mushrooms from waste coffee grounds from GroCycle Project on Vimeo.

People in the United Kingdom drink 18 million cups of coffee every day—but only 1 percent of the coffee biomass ends up in their cups. The rest of the nutrient-rich grounds are discarded, usually in the garbage. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and a gourmet mushroom farm called GroCycle is demonstrating an alternative.

Urban areas have plenty of both waste and demand for healthy food.

This mushroom farm, based in the southern English county of Devon, is transforming coffee waste into profit. Their method of growing, they explain in this video, is perfect for urban  farmers because it requires little space, runs on waste that’s already being created, and generates a product that urban locavores crave.