We're Not Done Yet

Copenhagen may have been an official failure, but for a new generation of climate activists, it was transformative.
Tom Smith, screengrab

Tom Smith, a 20-year-old member of the United Kingdom Youth Climate Coalition, went to the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen with high hopes. He was ultimately frustrated by being shut out of the proceedings and by the summit's failure to produce a fair, ambitious, and binding treaty.

But on the final day, after hours of protesting in the cold outside the talks, something that a Bolivian delegate said struck a chord with Smith: "It's not been a success on the inside of the Bella Center. But it has been a massive success on the outside."

In this video, Smith recounts what it was like to be a part of that success, learning from the experiences of youth from around the world. Smith's experiences capture the passion and hope of the youth climate movement and their resolve to continue mobilizing to stop climate change: "Copenhagen," he says, "was never going to be the end."

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