Who's Participating in No Impact Week?

Answer: Hundreds of you, across the globe. Meet five enthusiastic players.
Kelsea MacIlroy and Muck Kilpatrick

No Impact Week starts today! The 8-day carbon cleanse has already connected more than 15,ooo participants with their families, communities, and the planet, and you can still join in!

Follow these participant bloggers throughout the week as they take on each day's challenges.

Kelsea MacIlroy and Muck Kilpatrick

Alamosa, Colorado

We are participating in No Impact Week because we feel like we've become stagnant in our efforts to live more mindfully. A challenge is always a great way to rejuvenate our practices, show us our weak areas, teach us new things and inspire us for the months ahead. We are looking forward to this week as a "cleanse" to focus on refining what we consume and put out!


Ashe Jaafaru

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm a 17-year-old junior in high school. The reason I wanted to do this is that I wanted to see if I could really commit to this.  It's not easy to be eco-friendly 24/7 but if I could last at least a week, reducing my carbon footprint as a teenager, maybe I could last even longer.  I mainly wanted to do this project for the experience. It seemed really fun and something that would ultimately be beneficial.

Aran Seaman

Aran Seaman

British Columbia, Canada

A year after doing the No Impact Experiment  the first time, I can see how it changed my life. I was reminded how important community is, and since then I have become much more active in my city and group of friends. I am happier because of it and I find myself compelled to do it again. I can’t recommend a better way to kick off the New Year. 

Bunmi Ishola

Make your New Year's Resolution!

Join Kelsea, Muck, Ashe, Aran, Olubunmi and hundreds of others in this exciting experiment.
There's still time to register, get in on the conversation, and see what No Impact Week can teach you.

Olubunmi Ishola

Dallas, Texas

I'll be honest: The thought of doing No Impact Week scares me. I'm a creature of habit, and while I'm always open to ways to improve myself and my life, I like how convenient my life has been. Eliminating some of  those conveniences just sounds so hard!

But what's life without a challenge? After all, it's just a week. If I don't like it, if I think somehow my life is worse off, I can always go back to my previous ways. Not to say that I've done nothing green: I've eliminated the use of plastic water bottles in my house this past year, and I generally try to recycle. I guess it's just that "being green" has always seemed to take more work and more of an effort. Maybe No Impact Week will prove me wrong.  


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