Why These Filmmakers Ate Nothing But Trash for Six Months

In the new documentary "Just Eat It," filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer swear off grocery shopping for six months and eat only food that would otherwise be thrown out.
Just Eat It

Photo courtesy of Pure Souls Media.

After learning that nearly 50 percent of the food grown in North America each year is thrown out, filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer decided to stop buying groceries and only eat food that would otherwise be thrown away. The pair’s exploration into the wastefulness of the industrial food system—and their experience with life-sustaining dumpster diving—is documented in their film Just Eat It.

Nearly 50 percent of the food grown in our society is thrown out.

The food-waste statistics exposed in the film are staggering. Couple that with surreal images, like Baldwin standing knee-deep in a dumpster full of hummus, and you might be left wondering how much your own personal actions contribute to this giant waste habit.

Want to know if you’re a part of the problem? Baldwin and Rustemeyer created a quiz that helps you understand how much food you’re wasting, and points you towards ways to waste less.

Just Eat It - A food waste story (Official Trailer) from Grant Baldwin on Vimeo.

Just Eat It is not yet available on DVD. However, schools, libraries, and local governments are welcome to apply for an educational license to screen the films and anyone can plan a public screening in their own community.