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Reviving the Local Economy with Publicly Owned Banks
by Ellen Brown
The Fed may have played all its cards, but state and local governments still hold a few aces: publicly owned banks that could funnel credit where it is needed most, directly into the local economy.
The 10 Step Diet The 10 Step Diet
by Jessica Lind-Diamond
When Development Manager Jess Lind-Diamond moved from a downtown apartment to a farmhouse, she developed a new relationship to food.
8 Years of War—And What Do We Get?
by Jo Comerford
The skyrocketing costs and casualties of the war in Afghanistan should make us re-evaluate our national priorities and broaden our definition of security.
Overcoming Historical Trauma Overcoming Historical Trauma
by Heather Purser
Heather Purser reflects on the legacy that years of extermination and assimilation have had in modern Native communities.
Senate Apology to Native People—A Good First Step
by Sarah van Gelder
The apology to Native people passed by the Senate last week is a step towards reconciliation. But on this Columbus Day, let's be clear that an apology must be followed by action.
Reconsider Columbus Day
Does honoring Christopher Columbus with a federal holiday perpetuate a philosophy of racism and domination? A video sponsored by the United Confederation of Taino People, International Indian Treaty Council, and Rethinking Schools says that it does.
Obama's Unusual Nobel Peace Prize Just Right for Unusual Times
by Sarah van Gelder
There's little time left to take on nuclear proliferation and climate chaos. Can the Nobel Peace Prize help President Obama to step up to these threats?
New Paper for YES! Magazine New Paper for YES! Magazine
For the next two weeks, we will show you some of the climate actions we are taking here at the YES! office in Bainbridge Island, Washington, from individual choices to decisions that affect the whole publication.
No Impact Man and the National TV Circuit No Impact Man and the National TV Circuit
A series of interviews this week, from CBS to Comedy Central, put Colin Beavan in front of millions. But can viewers laugh and learn?
Nobel Committee, Strategic as Ever, Taps Obama for Peace Prize
by Robert Naiman
In giving this award, the Committee is saying to the U.S.: "Showing signs of significant improvement. Keep up the good work."
Choosing a Walkable Community Choosing a Walkable Community
by Ariel Kazunas
Media and outreach intern Ariel realizes it really is all about "location location location."
Companies Abandon Chamber of Commerce Over Climate Change Stance
by Susie Shutts
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's opposition to addressing climate change is making it very unpopular, even in corporate America.
No Impact on the Environment Experiment
No Impact Man, Colin Beavan, has put together a guide for you to try out his experiment in living with no impact on the environment.
5 Benefits of Common Security Clubs
by Chuck Collins
What can local clubs do about a global financial meltdown? A lot, it turns out.
Support for Health Care Reform on the Rise
by Brooke Jarvis
Support for reform rebounds after a summer of widely-publicized misinformation campaigns.