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Climate Activism: The Next Superpower Climate Activism: The Next Superpower
by Madeline Ostrander
Activism is the most inspiring solution to come from a week of U.N. and G20 negotiations.
The Virtues of Deglobalization
by Walden Bello
What do we do now that neoliberal globalization has failed? Walden Bello outlines 11 pillars of a deglobalized economy.
One World, One Web
by Nathaniel James
On OneWebDay, people worldwide celebrate the democratizing power of the Internet by working to give everyone fast, affordable access to the Web.
Zelaya's Return Creates Pivotal Moment for Democracy in the Americas
by Lisa Gale Garrigues
This moment mirrors back to us our own collective vacillation between fear and hope, between change by autocracy and gunfire on one side, and change by the democratic process on the other.
Toward a Nuclear-Free Future
by Joseph Cirincione
In his speech to the U.N., Obama made the case for nuclear disarmament.
7 Ways to Support Iranian Democracy
by Mary Armstrong
Democratic reforms are up to the Iranian people. But we can offer support and friendship as Iran takes its own brave steps toward freedom.
Costa Rica Creates Department of Peace
by Susie Shutts
Former justice ministry will now focus on promoting peace and conflict resolution.
Visual Learning: Art Cars at Burning Man
by Alyssa Austin
Images, photos, and pictures stimulate the mind. For the viewer, they offer a chance to connect and question. They also offer potential for play and imagination, and pulling the observer into purposeful messages.
Rethinking Schools
by Jing Fong
Like YES! Magazine, Rethinking Schools strives to be both visionary and practical. We are delighted to share three of many lesson plans from Rethinking Schools that get to the heart of a real-world education.
Connect and Engage: Education for the Mind & Soul
by Jing Fong
Here's a resource to connect your students' learning with their local community, culture, and environment. Also learn how knowing yourself can translate to being an even better teacher.
Elizabeth Gilbert on the Genius in Us All
Elizabeth Gilbert discusses our impossible expectations of artists and geniuses suggesting that maybe there is a little genius in us all. It's a funny, personal, and surprisingly moving talk.
Starting with Place: Molokai Students Re-Define their Education
by Vicki Newberry
Head of School and teacher Vicki Newberry brought a place-based curriculum to her independent middle school in Molokai, Hawaii. Now Aka`ula School students thrive as they research and create positive solutions for environmental issues affecting their own community.
Yes Men Prank Sweeps Across New York
by Sarah van Gelder
Over 1 million copies of fake New York Post distributed all over New York, with headline: "We're Screwed!"
Activist to British Prime Minister, Can You Hear Me Now? Activist to British Prime Minister, Can You Hear Me Now?
by Madeline Ostrander
Youth activist Iris Andrews gets a commitment on climate change from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, first-hand, on her cell phone.
A Global Climate Wake-Up Call