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Keeping Warm without Warming the Globe Keeping Warm without Warming the Globe
Media and Outreach intern Ariel Kazunas on winter-proofing for a more climate-happy home.
Path to a Peace Economy
by David Korten
A persistent pattern of violence against people, community, and nature is inherent in the institutional structure of our existing economy. We can’t resolve our current economic crisis with marginal regulatory adjustments. It is time to rethink and restructure.
Clean Energy Works: Portland Project a Model for Green Stimulus
by Roger Valdez
In Portland, Recovery Act funds are 'laying the foundation for long-term economic, environmental, and community health.'
Finding an Exit from the Afghan Trap
by Patrick Seale
The current debate in Washington, focused on troop numbers and military strategy, has failed to give any serious attention to the possibility of bringing the Afghan war to an end by political means.
The YES! Garden The YES! Garden
Here's a peek at some of the actions we are taking here at the YES! office in Bainbridge Island, Washington, from individual choices to decisions that affect the whole publication.
350 Day of Action
Can We Reach 350?
As expectations for action in Copenhagen diminish, activists are raising their voices. Amy Goodman interviews Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of, and Australian scientist Tim Flannery, chair of the Copenhagen Climate Council and author of The Weather Makers.
Pranksters Fixing the World
by Mark Engler
An interview with Andy Bichlbaum, one of The Yes Men, an infamously daring and creative duo of anti-corporate pranksters.
States Reconsider the Death Penalty
by Richard Dieter
New reports find that, while the death penalty drains money from state budgets, police chiefs don't consider it effective in deterring crime.
Space Cartoon
"If air is leaking out through my pony tail hole, is that bad?" Caption submitted by Heidi Wright.
A More Green and Connected Life
 A More Green and Connected Life

by Alysa Austin
From the YES! climate blog: Education outreach intern Alysa Austin defies rain, wind, and snow as she bikes her way toward a more connected life.
Building Caring Economics: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism
by Riane Eisler
Rather than trying to just patch up a system that isn't working, let's use our economic crisis to work for a system that really meets human needs.
Building a Solidarity Economy
by Annie McShiras
How can one small childcare cooperative help create an economy founded on teamwork, social justice, and democracy?
350 :: The Most Important Number in the World
by Bill McKibben
From Mount Everest to the Maldives, people worldwide are turning an arcane number into a movement for a stable climate. Bill McKibben asks: Will you join them?
The Voice of Progressive Business Rocks the Capitol
by Jeffrey Hollender
Representatives from more than 150 major U.S. firms visited Washington to advocate for a cap on greenhouse gases.