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The YES! Staff, Interns and Volunteers that helped put together the Winter 2009 issue of YES! Magazine: "Sustainable Happiness."
Signs of Life :: Iraq's Nonviolence Activism
by Kristin Carlsen
More than 100 citizen groups in all 18 Iraqi provinces participated in a Week of Nonviolence, aimed at reducing violence in the January 2009 provincial elections.
Signs of Life :: Climate Spurs Direct Action
by Noah Grant, Madeline Ostrander
Climate direct action, such as this year's climate camps, wins support.
Signs of Life :: Community Banks Weathering the Storm
by Anne Moore Odell
Community banks provide safe haven in economic storm.
Signs of Life :: Small Stories About Big Change
Community Banks Weathering the Storm; Climate Spurs Direct Action; States Hold First Carbon Auction; Iraq’s Nonviolence Activism; Bolivia Constitution Reform Likely
Readers Forum
Readers’ letters on the Fall 2008 Purple America Issue of YES! Magazine.
No Foreclosures Here
by Holly Sklar
With the housing crisis nationwide driving struggling families from their homes, Boston’s creative Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative shows how communities can hold their ground.
Beyond the Bailout: Agenda for a New Economy
by David Korten
The financial crisis has put to rest the myths that our economic institutions are sound and markets work best when deregulated, says David Korten. Our economic institutions have failed, not only financially, but also socially and environmentally. This, combined with the election of a new president with a mandate for change, creates an opportune moment to rethink and redesign.
Sustainable Happiness :: About the Cover
by Betty Udesen
Dee Williams in her 84-square-foot home. Photographed by Betty Udesen for
How Thankful Are You?
by Stephen Post, Mike McCullough
The more grateful you are, the happier. Want to know your gratitude score? Take the test.
Blessings Revealed
by Puanani Burgess
Puanani Burgess tells the story of one student with a gift—a gift our schools are not cultivating.
Grief’s Hidden Gift
by Wendy Call
What I learned about happiness during my mom's last days with cancer.
Living Large in a Tiny House
by Carol Estes
Dee Williams doesn't need a big house to be happy. Instead she found happiness in a 84-square foot house on wheels.
The Story of Stuff :: Another Way
by Annie Leonard
See The Story of Stuff, read our review of the film, and explore our selected YES! articles that address the complex issues that relate to our materials economy and how we can choose to live differently.
Christmas with No Presents?
by Colin Beavan
"No Impact Man" suspected the holidays would be just as merry without all the stuff.