Social Justice

What if We Believed Anything Was Possible?

If we don’t address our cognitive dissonance, we’ll get stuck where we are, and diminish our capacity for progress.

Lise Ragbir | Oct 04, 2022
Social Justice

An Abolitionist Makes a Case for “No More Police”

The demand to “defund the police” asks politicians to go beyond platitudes and actually end the violence of policing, shifting resources in ways that promote the redistribution of wealth.

Sonali Kolhatkar | Oct 03, 2022
Racial Justice

Residents are a City’s Best Source of Climate Change Data

Cities across the U.S. are looking to citizen science for data on heat waves and other climate impacts.

Sarah Amandolare | Sep 30, 2022
Social Justice

How Migrants Sent to Massachusetts Found Aid and Community

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent nearly 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard with no warning. Instead of being shunned, the migrants were welcomed and supported.

Sonali Kolhatkar | Sep 29, 2022

Consider the Banana

A new book of poetry by Paul Hlava Ceballos digs up the history of the ubiquitous fruit.

Alex Gallo-Brown | Sep 28, 2022

Gig Drivers Strive for a Safer Workplace

The gig economy provides no safety net for its workers, but some activists are hoping to change that.

Yesica Balderrama | Sep 28, 2022
Health & Happiness

Murmurations: Accountable to Earth

In their September column, adrienne maree brown asks how we can hear beyond the human cry for help.

adrienne maree brown | Sep 27, 2022
Kelsey Scott and Monte Scott pose together in front of a herd of cattle.
Native rights

Decolonizing Regenerative Cattle Ranching

Native farmers want newcomers to know there’s nothing novel about caring for the land that grows our food.

Ray Levy Uyeda | Sep 26, 2022
Workers clear out fallen tree branches from a highway in the Dominican Republic

In the Wake of Yet Another Hurricane, Puerto Needs Real and Equitable Investment

This crisis is political as much as environmental. Solutions require justice.

Carlos A. Suárez Carrasquillo & Fernando Tormos-Aponte | Sep 23, 2022
Health & Happiness

Why You Should Write That Thank You Note

An attitude of gratitude may relieve stress, which in turn may lead to better health.

Richard Gunderman | Sep 23, 2022
Murmurations with adrienne maree brown

Murmurations: A Spell for the Fall Equinox

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, adrienne maree brown offers a seasonal spell to honor the fall equinox.

adrienne maree brown | Sep 21, 2022
Criminal justice reform

Reimagining Safety and Liberation Without Police

We can work for safety and liberation by investing in community-based alternatives to policing, like mental health programs, public education, restorative justice practices, and economic justice.

Marlene Sanchez | Sep 21, 2022

How Indigenous Knowledge Reconnects Us All to Fire

By elevating Traditional Ecological Knowledge, a forestry center in Minnesota works to restore ecosystems and Indigenous sovereignty.

Jazmin "Sunny" Murphy | Sep 20, 2022
Social Justice

Alaska Natives Use Virtual Imagery to Preserve and Pass on Culture

Thanks to digitization, a fragile Tlingit ceremonial garment is once again teaching traditional weaving techniques.

Frank Hopper | Sep 19, 2022
Health & Happiness

What Capitalism Has to Do With Falling in Love

Even though most of us are sincere in our pursuits of true love, how much do we actually perceive love as a product, and how does this influence our relationships?

Gabes Torres | Sep 19, 2022
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