Give to YES! in Tribute to Someone You Love

Consider any celebration—a graduation, a new union, a new life, or a life completed—an opportunity to ensure your loved one’s legacy will contribute to positive change. Or, ask guests celebrating your special occasion to donate to YES! Magazine in your name as their gift to you.

Contact us directly if you are giving this gift in tribute to someone in his or her name. To request your guests to donate to YES! in celebration of your special occasion, simply include our contact information in your invitations:

Positive Futures Network
284 Madrona Way NE #116
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Phone: (206) 842-0216
Tax ID # 91-1715916

We’d also be happy to supply donation materials for your event.


Call development manager Robin Simons at 206/842-5009 extension 213 or email her at rsimons [at]