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No Excuses—Call It Racism

Portrait of Zenobia Jeffries Warfield Last month, when at least three people lost their lives at the hands of men known for their white supremacist views, I was appalled to find media following a tired pattern of assuming that these hate crime suspects suffer from mental illness. This cop-out reduces the country’s massive systemic racism problem to one person’s mental instability, making it an isolated and individual issue. In this week’s column, I’m asking everyone to stop making excuses for these men who act out in hate so that we can begin to deal with the real disease that is racism.  

Zenobia Jeffries Warfield signature
Zenobia Jeffries Warfield, racial justice associate editor

Stop Making Excuses for Hateful White Men

Why is mental illness the go-to line for white men who commit acts of terrorism against people of color?   READ MORE »

Trump White House vs. “House of Cards” White House

Binge-watchers of the new season will find it’s hard to be shocked by the usual Underwood White House treachery and corruption.   READ MORE »

Zoot Suits: A Fashion Movement that Sparked Mexican American Resistance

This June marks the 74th anniversary of the Zoot Suit Riots, a series of weeklong race riots that swept Los Angeles in the summer of 1943. The spirit lives on today.   READ MORE »

Robert Reich: Don’t Slow Down on Impeachment

The three previous presidential impeachment inquiries rested on less evidence of obstruction of justice than is already publicly known about Trump.   READ MORE »

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What Democracy Looks Like When You Have to Disagree With Your Neighbors

As much as I dislike and distrust our current national administration, I also deeply value community harmony.    READ MORE »

Why We Are Driven to Search for the Truth

It’s something we struggle to see more clearly, to realize day to day, to make more real in our lives. And that’s always messy business.   READ MORE »

As Climate Change Threatens Food Supplies, Seed Saving is an Ancient Act of Resilience

In Norway, a high-tech seed vault flooded from melting permafrost. In Montana, locals keep their seeds in the library.   READ MORE »

In One of the Nation’s Most Conservative Places, A Sanctuary City

Advocates in Santa Ana mobilize to educate, assist, protect, and inspire undocumented residents.   READ MORE »

After Coal, a Small Kentucky Town Builds a Healthier, More Creative Economy

A complex network of local organizations helps neighbors support one another as they rebound from a dying industry.   READ MORE »

Blackfeet Researcher Leads Her Tribe Back to Traditional Foods

Forced assimilation destroyed most nations’ diets, but now Native youth are learning to integrate local foods back into their daily lives.   READ MORE »

No, Killing Coyotes Does Not Help Ranchers

There is no clear evidence that lethal control works to protect livestock.   READ MORE »

Comment of the Week—on “Trump Has Abdicated on Climate—Now It’s Up to Us”

Reader Rachel writes, “When they go low, we go local. Individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states. It's up to us!”   READ MORE »

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