Why This Montana Farmer Grows Food Year-Round in Shipping Containers

This radio story was produced by KBCS in partnership with YES! Magazine.

Inside the Freight Farms shipping container. It uses an array of red and blue LED lights for optimal leafy green growth.

Photo from Freight Farms.

Kim Curren, owner of Shaggy Bear Farm in Bozeman, Montana, can control the water, temperature, and light conditions remotely with an app on her phone. She had come across an article about Freight Farms, a company that upcycles old shipping containers into indoor vertical hydroponic growing machines. After doing more research and visiting their headquarters in Boston, Curren was sold on the idea.

YES! Media’s Bailey Williams interviews solutions journalism intern Isabelle Morrison about her story and an unconventional way to farm: 


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This radio story was produced by KBCS in partnership with YES! Magazine.