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YES! Magazine provides internships for qualified individuals in the editorial  departments (both print and online), the education department, and the media and outreach department. Each internship offers a valuable work experience in a supportive and motivating work environment.

Here is our current crop of amazing interns:

Lori Panico, MultimediaLori Panico

Born in NJ, Lori has spent the majority of the past seven years in Richmond, VA where she graduated with a BFA in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. After interning with Revolution Advertising, she worked in production for several years with Tijo Media and Spang TV. She spent one year abroad in South America, traveling and volunteering as an English teacher through a UN supported program. During this time, she began to explore photography as a means of visual storytelling. Currently, she is developing her work as a photojournalist and has recently covered topics such as dying native languages in Alaska, the conflict in Standing Rock, ND and the political tension following the inauguration in Washington, DC. She’s excited to partner with YES! Magazine and contribute to its coverage of important issues.

Eleanor Stevens, Education Outreach

Raised in Santa Fe, NM, Eleanor never outgrew her love of children's books, and tongue twisters. She majored in Spanish at Iowa's Grinnell College, where the most pivotal experience she had was her semester studying abroad in Yucatan. The warm welcome she received there taught her the joys of expanding her identity beyond cultural and ethnic borders, and she returned to Mexico three years later to live for fifteen months. In between college and Mexico, she was honored to serve for a year as a City Year AmeriCorps member in a Sacramento elementary school, where the kids taught her much more than she taught them. She hopes to combine her love of Spanish with her love of kids by becoming a bilingual elementary school teacher. 

Ayu Sutriasa, Social Media

Ayu is from Florida and went to Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. She spent her junior year in Southern France, where she studied the relationship between Islam and the West. After graduating in May '16,  she moved to Bainbridge Island with her family. Ayu is actively engaged in the #bodypositive movement on social media, and in her free time writes poetry about self love, mental health, and sexism in dating. 

J. Gabriel Ware, Reporting & EditingJ. Gabriel Ware

From Detroit, JGabriel earned an associate's of arts degree from Wayne County Community College District and a bachelor's degree in journalism from Western Michigan University. He is pursuing a master's in communication at WMU. He has interned and freelanced at local media organizations in Kalamazoo and Detroit. In the summer of 2016, he spent a few days as a freelance stringer for Bloomberg News. JGabriel spends his spare time going to stage plays with his fiancee. This is his first adventure in the Pacific  Northwest.

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