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YES! Magazine provides internships for qualified individuals in the editorial  departments (both print and online), the education department, and the media and outreach department. Each internship offers a valuable work experience in a supportive and motivating work environment.

Here is our current crop of amazing interns:

Mary HansenMary Hansen, Online Reporting

Bike riding, Democracy Now! watching, Diaz/Solnit/Coates reading, Black and Gold bleeding, world-traveling wanderlust. Master fort building, adventuring through the backyard forest, number-one-cookie-making auntie to five and sister to eight. Morning coffee drinking, Saturday night soul dancing daughter of Midwestern Catholics. Mary is thrilled to explore the changes that are creating a more just and sustainable world, and to learn how to highlight these changes on the internets (all while exploring, biking, and hiking the Pacific Northwest) as an online reporting intern at YES!

Jim McGowan, Education Outreach

Jim was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. His interest in social and environmental justice lead him to Seattle University, a world away from home—if you travel north. While at SU, Jim majored in graphic design and worked as a peer writing tutor. Where the circles of writing and design intersected, he learned, was communication. Jim learned also that, when improving a piece of communication, it is just as important to focus on its failures and negative aspects as its successes and positive aspects. In fact, focusing on the latter two may inspire more positive change! With this, he is excited to communicate the successes and positive solutions that are highlighted by YES! as its media and outreach intern. In Jim’s spare time, he refers to himself in third person to practice separating his thoughts and feelings from his awareness of them.


Kayla SchultzKayla Schultz, Online Reporting

Kayla grew up in a small agricultural town on the shore of Lake Michigan, also known as the asparagus capital of the world. Besides indulging in sweet, juicy peaches, crisp apples (is your mouth watering yet?), and other local produce grown in the area, she inherited the love for exploring. She caught the traveling bug as a child when her family trekked to National Parks around the United States. Kayla graduated from Central Michigan University in May 2014 where she studied creative writing and journalism. She enjoys telling stories whether it be through the medium of reporting or poetry. As an online reporting intern at YES!, Kayla will be focusing on renewable energy.

Peter D'Auria, Print Editorial

Peter D’Auria was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He recently graduated from Oberlin College, where he double majored in creative writing and neuroscience. Peter is also an intern at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas (formerly 826 Seattle), a writing and tutoring center/space travel emporium in Greenwood.


Miles Schneiderman, Print Editorial

Originally hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Miles is irrationally excited about experiencing the cold, rain and darkness of the Pacific Northwest. After more than seven years working with gifted children in Tucson, he moved to Flagstaff in 2011 and, three years later, earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from Northern Arizona University. An avid reader of YES!, Miles jumped at the chance to serve as a print editorial intern for a magazine he has long respected and loved. He hopes to gain experience working in the publishing world while refining his skills in political and environmental writing. Miles is passionate about social justice, environmental action, media reform and being a feminist ally. Less critically, he is also passionate about podcasting and radio announcing, his beat-up but fully-functional bicycle, fantasy and science fiction novels, Dutch symphonic metal, the Chicago Bears and professional wrestling.

To find out more about YES! internships, click here.

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