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Billionaires Fighting Inequality
Plus: 8 strategies for confronting hate, how Standing Rock has changed us, and when fighting wildfires does more harm than good.
Want to #DefundDAPL? So Does Seattle
Seattle takes steps to divest $3 billion from Wells Fargo. Plus: don't fall for “divide and conquer,” meet the 82-year-old grandma lobbying for abortion rights, and discover how Standing Rock’s divest campaign can stop future pipelines.
How a Small Town Got Its Grocery Store Back
Plus: How to show up for indigenous and environmental struggles in 2017, LGBTQIA safe spaces in rural America, and Utah's new national monument.
Where’s All the Pink Yarn Going?
Plus: Love in the time of Trump, 3 ways progressives can reconnect with rural America, and what it takes to get women out of prison.