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YES! Magazine is looking for talented editorial interns—next internship starts early February. Deadline for applications is December 4, 2015.

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YES! is a quarterly non-profit, ad-free magazine that covers solutions to the critical social, political, and environmental challenges facing our time. One of the nation's most respected independent magazines, YES! has won Utne Magazine's Alternate Press Award for best cultural coverage and reaches a circulation of roughly 55,000 readers.

Our editorial interns are fully involved in the YES! editorial team. Editorial interns research story leads and facts on the Internet, write, fact-check, copyedit, post articles online, and review editorial submissions and correspondence. Interns have the opportunity to acquire short published clips and gain exposure to many aspects of magazine publishing.

We are looking for interns with exceptional writing and editing skills, sharp analytic skills, meticulous attention to detail and factual accuracy, and familiarity with Microsoft Office and Internet research. 

Editorial internships are typically available once each quarter and generally correspond with magazine production cycles: February to April; May to July; August to October; November to January.  We ask interns to stay for two production cycles, a total of six months.

To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, two writing samples, and three references to internships [at] yesmagazine.org with "Editorial Internship" in the subject field.



"Before I began my internship at YES! Magazine, I felt frustrated by the lack of meaning in my life and my work. Being at YES! taught me to see the world with energy and optimism for a bright, collective future. YES! Magazine is so much more than a publication. It is the culture of the future and a world that we’d all like to live in."

-Ashlee, Editorial Intern (Spring-Summer 2010)

"I only have positive things to say about YES! Each and every person here, including subscribers and volunteers, is passionate about what they do—and it shows! I feel so much more socially engaged and intellectually heightened as a result of my time at PFN. There is news all around me—through emails that I receive from writers, conversations that I have at lunch, journals that are sent to the PFN library, etc.—and I am leaving here feeling much more connected to current issues, leading activists, scholars, politicians, and scientists. I hope to remain a YES! magazine subscriber for years to come and also hope to pass it along to others as a way of showing that I value the direction our country and our world is moving in—toward a just and sustainable future."

"As an intern, I felt like my job was as important as anyone else's within the organization. I was given plenty of meaningful responsibilities and enjoyed the variety of tasks that I performed on a regular basis."

—Becky, Editorial Intern (January—May 2004)

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