This four-part reported series explores the ways that individuals, movements, and communities are shifting to a more holistic approach to prosperity.
Sunnivie Brydum
Jason Tartt photographed in an orchard on his sustainable farm in Vallscreek, West Virginia.
From The Current Issue
Capitalism’s endless economic growth prioritizes the individual over community and creates extreme inequality. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Anoa Changa, Ericka Taylor
This photo illustration shows a man crouching, hands clasped and pressed to his pensive face, above a pile of $100 bills and red and green bar graphs.
From The Current Issue
To reject the growth mindset, we must divorce ourselves from careerism.
s.e. smith
"Robot dogs" like this one built by Boston Dynamics, have been used by police departments in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York.
From The Current Issue
Who controls the reins of artificial intelligence will determine whether it serves us all or the wealthy few.
Greg Ruggiero

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