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Haitians Hope for a New Chapter

Understanding the roots of Haiti’s political crisis is critical to rebuilding the Caribbean nation’s democracy.

Sonali Kolhatkar
In the face of global inaction on Israel’s genocide, activists will sail to Gaza to bring desperately needed aid directly to Palestinians.
Sonali Kolhatkar
Iman Husain spoke with YES! Senior Editor Sonali Kolhatkar on YES! Presents: Rising Up With Sonali about the fascinating story behind Zeinab Shaath’s song "The Urgent Call of Palestine"
Zeinab Sheath‘s 1972 protest song, “An Urgent Call for Palestine,” finds new life as artists begin to speak out against the Gaza genocide.
Sonali Kolhatkar
Grist’s climate fiction creative manager Tory Stephens discusses their annual short story project with YES! Senior Editor Breanna Draxler, guest-hosting YES! Presents: Rising Up With Sonali.
When we think about climate ch
Sonali Kolhatkar

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