Fall 2023

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From the Editors

Grappling With Growth

If the idea of growth itself is neutral, what can we build from the ashes of our individual lives and losses that strengthens the whole?

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Jason Tartt photographed in an orchard on his sustainable farm in Vallscreek, West Virginia.

A People’s Prosperity

Capitalism’s endless economic growth prioritizes the individual over community and creates extreme inequality. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Anoa Changa & Ericka Taylor

Terra Affirma: Life Finds A Way—If We Let It

Wolves helped make many beloved places in the West lush.
Sarah Gilman
Pedro dos Santos photographed in a farm landscape.

Landless Workers Fight for Fair Food

Brazil’s MST has organized the largest social movement in Latin America.
Nicole Froio
This photo illustration shows a man crouching, hands clasped and pressed to his pensive face, above a pile of $100 bills and red and green bar graphs.

Free Your Mind(set)

To reject the growth mindset, we must divorce ourselves from careerism.
s.e. smith
This illustration depicts a young child in the foreground, wearing a dress and holding a teddy bear in one hand, while textured outlines of adults are visible in the distance.

Keeping Kids With Kin

Kinship care saves children from state intervention that may alter their future outcomes.
Michele Sharpe
Supporters of former president Donald Trump are pictured scaling the walls of the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021.

The Growing Pains of a Changing Nation

Our country is multiracial but our democracy isn’t­—yet.
Sonali Kolhatkar

Solutions We Love

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An illustration shows a woman in a canoe floating above a lush kelp forest, with fish and seals swimming freely.
Indigenous Foodways

Holding Fast to Kelp

This humble seaweed nourishes and teaches us to move with life’s currents.
Valerie Segrest
An illustration depicts a pregnant Black person seated in a birthing tub, with a supporter's arms embracing the laboring parent.

Surviving Birth

Birth workers are helping Black parents navigate overlapping crises.
Dani McClain
An illustrated landscape shows a bansai tree, savanna ant, construction equipment to clear-cut a forest, and riverbeds.
Just the Facts

Stop Planting Trees 

Long touted as an environmental panacea, mass tree planting can actually do more harm than good.
Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz
A triptych showing headshots of Shanelle Donaldson West, Jonathón Savage, and Vetiveah Harrison
People We Love

Black Growing Traditions

Black farmers are reasserting themselves in food cultivation and building on the practices of earlier generations.
Jazmin “Sunny” Murphy

Culture Shift

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Two large illustrated hands each hold a fork, one with a slice of bacon and the other with a carrot, as a miniature person in a pink jumpsuit stands between them.

Meatless Abundance: The Joy of Plant-Based Eating

Alicia Kennedy’s new book invites readers to see the ecological and culinary possibilities of removing meat from the center of their plates.
Paige Curtis
"Robot dogs" like this one built by Boston Dynamics, have been used by police departments in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York.

The Risky Rise of AI

Who controls the reins of artificial intelligence will determine whether it serves us all or the wealthy few.
Greg Ruggiero
A rainbow pallet of colors emanating from an iPhone screen show social media images of muscular men's bodies.

The Heavy Weight of Body Image

From a young age, boys are expected to bulk up at the expense of their emotional and mental health.
Dejan Jotanovic