An illustration shows four Indian faces wearing headscarves of red, orange, pink, and yellow. The faces are set against a green pyramid that goes from light to dark, mirroring the caste pyramid infographic displayed in the article.
From The Current Issue
A Dalit American leader offers a profound meditation on the violence of caste apartheid, pathways to abolition, and collective healing.
Sonali Kolhatkar
Hollywood Desonier, left, played by Omar J. Dorsey, sits on a porch next to on-screen squeeze Violet Bordelon (“Aunt Vi”), played by Tina Lifford, in Queen Sugar. Aunt Vi's is smiling as her hand cradles Hollywood's face.
From The Current Issue
From “Hacks” to “Queen Sugar,” pop culture begins spotlighting the sexuality of women over 50.
Sari Botton
From The Current Issue
From Doodle to a future $20 bill, Harriet Tubman is a cultural icon. But comforting images don’t show the disabled Black woman who was not only a guide, but a freedom fighter.
Treva B. Lindsey
Resmaa Menakem intersperses political commentary and predictions about American democracy with explanations of how racialized trauma presents in our bodies, and offers body-focused exercises to deal with it.
Ruth Terry
Degrowth invites us to envision a much deeper societal transition than simply swapping energy sources to maintain the status quo.
Jared Spears
Bill McKibben has been a leading advocate for climate change action since he wrote the first popular book about global warming in 1989. In his new memoir, “The Flag, The Cross and the Station Wagon,” he connects the climate crisis to his suburban American boyhood and wonders “What the hell happened?”
Larry Parks Daloz
“The Vanishing Half” deals with the theme of racial “passing” in the 1950s. Passing is different today, but still presents a choice between safety and authenticity.
Gila K. Berryman
In “The Little War Cat,” concepts of war and trauma are introduced to young children in a way that is age-appropriate and invites them to feel empathy.
Hiba Noor Khan
Instead of insisting on superlatives amidst spiking inequalities and insurgent fascism, we should be striving toward policies that are socially responsible and work to establish decent baselines.
John Washington
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