Summer 2023

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From the Editors

What Thirst Tells Us

Our “Thirst” issue spotlights a fundamental truth: We all have needs.

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Photo of a gloved hand holding a gallon bottle of water.

Justice at the Tap

For Jackson, Flint, and the Navajo Nation, clean water shouldn’t be a pipe dream.
Torsheta Jackson
A group of people toast with several colorful cocktails and pints of beer. The people are smiling and the sun is shining.


Watering holes nourish our bodies, our minds, and our communities.
Alicia Kennedy

We Keep Us Safe: Imagining a Police-Free World

Communities with infrastructure to support the development of whole, healthy people won’t need police.
Sonali Kolhatkar

Our Farmworkers Deserve Better

Farmworkers have risked it all to shed light on the abuses they endure. Are we ready to listen?
Tina Vasquez
Above her home in Juarez, Nuevo León, Mexico, Elva Rivas holds a portrait of her husband, Roberto Maciel Ramírez, who disappeared in 2010.


Demanding answers for Mexico’s disappeared.
Chantal Flores

Desaparecidos (Español)

Exigiendo respuestas para los desaparecidos de México.
Chantal Flores

Solutions We Love

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Photocollage of indigenous man over a lake and mountain landscape.
Indigenous Foodways

The Many Lives of Water

Water has a living spirit and holds memories from the beginning of time.
Valerie Segrest
An illustration depicts a red bird, carrying a red and blue flower, flying away from broken prison bars. The background is blue with monochrome leaves.

The Yearning for Redemption

Re-entering society after being incarcerated takes a heavy emotional toll.
C. Dreams
Just the Facts

The Great Guzzlers: Who’s Using All Our Water?

Among the forecast effects of climate change, one in particular poses special concern: We’re running out of water.
Chris Winters
People We Love

Sacred Activism

Like water itself, the protection of this vital resource takes many different forms.
Breanna Draxler

Culture Shift

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Illustration of a male figure posing inside of a pupil

Objectifying Prince Charming

“The Male Gazed” offers an imperfect reflection on pop culture’s queer influence.
Reece Sisto
Fran Murphy's illustration of a book with a vampire on the left page, and 'House of Aunts' on the right page


What the evolution of vampire fiction tells us about modern society.
S.E. Smith
Photo of a Black woman and Black man embracing and smiling in their kitchen.

Patriarchy Princesses

Against a backdrop of increasing repression and gender-based violence, “femininity influencers” offer what could be seen as comfort in a destabilizing time.
Kinjo Kiema
Paint illustration of woman staring into a landscape with rivers and birds.

Time Isn’t Money

“Saving Time” explores a life beyond the constraints of the Western clock.
Nicole Froio

Inspiration: Jemele Hill

“The thirst for liberation an equality can never come at the expense of dehumanizing other marginalized groups.”
Dania Wright