Winter 2024

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From the Editors

Honoring Our Elders

There are few things in life that bring me more joy than watching my grandmother enjoy retirement. After working as a nurse for more than three decades, she retired in 2006 and proceeded to do … absolutely nothing.

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Regina Wells stands in her living room looking at a collection of sympathy cards she received.

The Tenderness of Eldercare

How aging caregivers are putting their self-care first.
Marita Golden

Bridging the Eldervoid

Can we create a society that cherishes its elders?
Natasha Deganello Giraudie
A photo of elderly women chatting at the table over the coffee.

The Struggle of Self-Reliance

Many seniors find themselves navigating life, health, and even death without structural supports.
Rebecca Gordon

Terra Affirma: Our Ancestral Future

Like every generation, we are a link between the ancient past and the ancient future.
Ricardo Levins Morales

The Rainbow Connection

Intergenerational housing for LGBTQ elders and youth can relieve isolation and housing instability for both groups.
Greg Hernandez

Menopause Matters

The end of menstruation has been stigmatized and misunderstood. The “menopausal multiverse” can change that.
Omisade Burney-Scott

Solutions We Love

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Indigenous Foodways

Eating Like the Ancestors

The Apache regard the land as their grandmother and the food she provides as gifts to be both given and received.
Madison Eve Fulton & Twila Cassadore

Representation for the Ages

Adhering to the tenets of a liberal democracy matters more than age.
Karen Dolan
Just the Facts

Love Is Good Medicine

It’s never too late for love, goes the adage. But is it harder to find intimacy as you age? And is it worth the trouble?
Sonali Kolhatkar
People We Love

Elder Power

These first-time activists show that the front line isn’t just for the young.
Chris Winters

Culture Shift

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Better With Age

Sex may evolve over the years, but pleasure is timeless.
Cindy Gallop

Good Fashion Has No Age Limit

For the women featured in Advanced Style, getting dressed up is the beginning of something new.
Cori Murray

Actors Mature. Hollywood Hasn’t.

Women are offered far fewer opportunities on-screen as they age—especially if they’re Black.
LisaGay Hamilton