The Fall of an Arizona Border Wall
A documentary film chronicles the growth—and rare success—of a movement to take down a wall of shipping containers on the U.S-Mexico border.
Makepeace Sitlhou |
Nature Offers a Model for Filtering Wastewater
A growing trend of building wetlands as a means of wastewater filtration has surprising benefits: thriving wildlife, vibrant tourism, and a sense of community ownership.
Sonali Kolhatkar |
Lessons From Ohio’s Abortion Ballot Measure
Voters in Republican-led Ohio elected to enshrine reproductive freedom into the state constitution. Here's what that could mean for the 2024 election.
Sonali Kolhatkar |
Doctors Join Call for Justice in Gaza
Israel’s war on Gaza is built on dehumanization of Palestinians. Physician Rupa Marya urges the world to ”rehumanize” Gazans.
Sonali Kolhatkar |
Divorcing Love and Marriage from Organized Religion
Religious ideals such as "'Til Death Do Us Part" are hindering intimate relationships from flourishing. Here's one clinical psychologist's secular guide to long-term love.
Sonali Kolhatkar |
How U.S. Military Aid Emboldens Israel
Analyst Lindsay Koshgarian counters President Biden’s claim that American interests require funding Israeli militarism.
Sonali Kolhatkar |
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