Transformative Justice: Thriving Forward Together
Transformative justice can form the basis for deep solutions to racial and gender-based injustices, mass incarceration, immigrant abuses, the climate emergency, and more.
Sonali Kolhatkar |
Inconvenient Identity: Magnus’ Story
Magnus has a heartbreaking conversation with their mom as she dices onions. In this video, created in a filmmaking workshop led by Outside the Frame and Oregon State University, Magnus tries to make
Jonathan Garcia |
Their Love: Nat’s Story
Nat, a nonbinary Latinx young person, experiences oppression, xenophobia and misgendering from their own family. Their mother has a spiritual experience that reveals the importance of honoring their child’s nonbinary
Jonathan Garcia |
Giving Tree: Michelle’s Story
In her journey on foot from Honduras to the United States, Michelle encounters family rejection, transphobia, and border patrol. In this video, created in a filmmaking workshop led by Outside the
Jonathan Garcia |
An Ecological Civilization: The Path We’re On
“An Ecolological Civilization: The Path We’re On” was a YES! Presents online conversation held on February 25, 2021. It was produced in partnership with YES! Media and the Institute for Ecological Civilization.
YES! Editors |
5 Steps Toward Self Compassion
We could all benefit from being a little kinder to ourselves—especially after the year we’ve had.
YES! Editors |
Lessons From Portland’s Protest Movement
Portland organizers and volunteers offer an inside look at the infrastructure that supports the city’s ever-evolving movement for Black lives.
Sunnivie Brydum |
A Radical Vision for the Future
With beautiful illustrations and poignant storytelling, this animated short film reminds us that a better world is possible beyond 2020.
Ayu Sutriasa |
What Are Obstacles to Accountability?
Experts speak candidly about what gets in the way of true accountability—and why we should see it as an opportunity for growth.
Ayu Sutriasa |
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