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Each issue of YES! includes a series of articles focused on a theme—about solutions to a significant challenge facing our world—and a number of timely, non-theme articles. Our non-theme section provides ongoing coverage of issues like health, climate change, globalization, media reform, faith, democracy, economy and labor, social and racial justice, and peace building. For past examples, please see our back issues page.


YES! is not interested in simply bemoaning the problems that face our society. Instead, we highlight ideas and action that address the roots of our deepest ecological, social, and political problems. We emphasize engaging storytelling and factual accuracy. We are especially interested in authentic stories of positive change from the grassroots that can serve as models and inspiration for others. We also publish essays that frame or re-envision societal trends—and how these could bring about transformation and progress.

We do not accept unsolicited poetry or fiction. Personal essays are sometimes considered if they illuminate a relevant cultural, political, or environmental topic. We do not endorse any candidate, party, or legislation, although we cover legislation and political races as news items, to the degree that they relate to our core mission. We do not adhere to any particular spiritual tradition, although we welcome articles that are explicitly founded in any faith (or in secularism).


Pay rates vary for articles that appear online and in print. In both platforms, YES! pays higher rates for original reporting and deeply researched stories that break new ground. YES! is a nonprofit publication and accepts no advertisements.


In order to engage as many people as possible in creating a more just, sustainable society,  we usually make our articles available under the Creative Commons license. We generally include in our contracts permission to allow reprinting of authors’ work, with the provision that any reprint acknowledge that the article first appeared in YES! and include the author byline. Reprints and repostings may include translations. If any fee is involved, we request payment be made directly to our authors, and if the publication plans any modifications of the article, we also request that they contact the author. Authors may also reprint their articles elsewhere with credit to YES!.


We greatly prefer electronic submissions. We recommend that you send queries and proposals rather than completed submissions. Please accompany queries with published clips or a writing sample.

Features are generally 1,000-2,500 words in length, and sidebars usually 100-250. We also accept queries for the Commentary (500 words) and In Review (200-1000 words) sections in print. Photos are encouraged.

Send electronic submissions to submissions [at] yesmagazine.org. Please send all attachments in either text or PDF format. If you are querying about a time-sensitive news story, please put the word "timely" in the subject line.

Please allow at least three months for a response.