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Send pitches to

Usually two or three paragraphs are enough. The best pitches indicate the sources of information you intend to use. A working headline helps, and, if your story is timely, give us a news hook. Include your credentials. Why are you the one who should write this article?   

If you’re pitching a reported solutions piece, please include this information:

What is the premise of the solution:

What societal problems does it address: 

How many words will the article be:  

Working headline:  

In what way might this solution lead to greater social justice:  

What movements or groups will this highlight:  

Research that gives this solution credibility:  

Other communities doing this or interested in doing this:  

What was the leadership around this project – how did it get going:  

What’s next for the project:   

What impact could a story like this have. That is, who is our audience for this article, and why?

We cannot respond personally to every pitch we are sent. You will receive an auto-reply email saying we received your pitch. If you don’t hear from us again within four weeks, you can assume that we have decided to pass on your pitch.

Website base rate for reported articles is 35 cents a word. Commentaries may receive a small stipend.


Print magazine

If you are interested in writing for the print magazine’s quarterly theme, look for the most recent “Call for Submissions” posted on our website for instructions and a deadline. Print base rate for reported articles is 50 cents a word. Commentaries may receive a small essay stipend.

Summer 2018: Affordable Housing

Spring 2018: Decolonize