YES! Media produces nonprofit, independent, reader-supported journalism for people building a better world.

YES! accepts pitches for our digital journalism on a rolling basis. All pitches must be submitted using the form linked below. Email pitches are no longer accepted and will not receive a reply.

Online Content

Our digital journalism prioritizes original reported stories that elevate community-based solutions and opportunities for systemic change. We also publish commentaries that explain or analyze societal problems in terms of their root causes, power dynamics, and intersectional impact. Our stories aim to illuminate environmental, economic, political, and social justice issues as they relate to race, class, gender, citizenship, ability, and other identities.  

The base rate for reported digital articles is 40 cents per assigned word. Commentaries may receive a small stipend as long as they do not promote the author’s other paid work or activism.

We focus our stories on solutions by and for communities (as opposed to innovations or aid). Prior to completing the pitch form, please consider the following questions to determine if your story is right for YES!: 

  • Who are the people or communities involved in and impacted by the proposed or attempted solution? 
  • What systemic societal problem(s) does it address? 
  • What is the narrative arc of their experience? 
  • What is the evidence of human or environmental impact? What research/data or independent sources give this solution credibility? 
  • What are its shortcomings or limitations? How are these being addressed, now or in the future? 
  • What other groups or communities are trying to implement a similar solution or address the same societal problem with different solutions? 
  • How does this solution fit into a larger movement?

Ready to pitch us? Submit your pitch here.

Print Magazine

Stories for the quarterly print edition of YES! Magazine are generally assigned directly by our editorial team. If you are interested in writing on the theme for an upcoming issue, look for the most recent “Call for Submissions” posted on our website for instructions and a deadline. Print base rate for reported articles is 50 cents per assigned word. Commentaries and essays may receive a small stipend.