Brooke Jarvis

Good news you can use.
Time for Some Good Jobs Guarantees

Corporations often take big helpings of public funds, saying that they’ll provide jobs in return. But how can communities make sure they deliver?

A Small Business Boost from ... Regulations?

Do regulations really hurt small businesses? Or do businesses thrive when local residents can afford their services, and a good quality of life attracts skilled workers?

ALEC Retreats, Sort Of

Following activist pressure and corporate defections, ALEC says it’s dropping its Stand Your Ground and voter ID efforts. So what comes next?

Occupy Takes On ALEC

Occupy’s latest target: corporations that write their agendas into state laws.

Big News on Bank Transfers

The Occupy effect? In the last 3 months, Americans switched banks at three times the normal rate.

The Internet on Strike

What happened when major sites went on strike to offer a taste of a censored Internet.

Protesters Win Pipeline Delay

How thousands of determined protesters dragged a little-known pipeline into the national spotlight—and convinced the Obama administration to delay its approval.