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#EndSARS: Inside Nigeria’s Fight to End Police Brutality

Demanding an end to the escalating violence of Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad has mobilized youth across religious and ethnic divides.

Innocent Eteng | Oct 29, 2020
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“See You Yesterday” Filmmakers Use Sci-Fi to Discuss Police Brutality

The genre offers a creative opportunity to tell Black stories, using fantasy and adventure to bring awareness to real-world injustice.

Deonna Anderson | Jun 07, 2019
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Defunding Police—How Antiracist Organizers Got Seattle to Listen

By halting a proposed $150 million police precinct, Seattle activists have made headway in redirecting funding toward services like affordable housing and education.

Melissa Hellmann | Mar 09, 2017
Social Justice

How U.S. Wars Abroad Are Intimately Tied to Police Brutality at Home

There are obvious links between anti-war movements against U.S. militarism and Black Lives Matter activism against police brutality. Is time for activists to join forces?

Khury Petersen-Smith | Aug 25, 2021
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Why Police Violence Against Women of Color Stays Hidden

Data show more Black men are killed at higher rates than women, but police-misconduct attorney Andrea Ritchie says that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Zenobia Jeffries Warfield | Aug 10, 2017

What #DefundPolice Can Do For Public Safety

Cities imagine taking away resources from racist, oppressive policing and putting it toward public safety and social services.

Nicole Lewis | Aug 26, 2020
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November 30 WTO Showdown

There were students, labor union members, greens, farmers, religious leaders, and human rights activists. The most dramatic confrontations took place on November 30 (N30), when thousands of protesters blocked WTO delegates from reaching the meeting.

Paul Hawken | Apr 01, 2000
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How the Police Killing of a Black Brazilian Teen Sparked a Movement

The police killing of João Pedro Mattos Pinto, a 14-year-old Black Brazilian in Rio de Janeiro, unmasked the scope of police brutality amid a pandemic and led to an unprecedented court decision.

Kiratiana Freelon | Aug 27, 2020
Social Justice

We Keep Us Safe: Imagining a Police-Free World

Communities with infrastructure to support the development of whole, healthy people won’t need police.

Sonali Kolhatkar | May 18, 2023

An Afro-Indigenous Perspective on Policing

In his new book, Kyle T. Mays argues that the violence of policing has always been intimately tied to U.S. democracy.

Kyle T. Mays | Feb 08, 2022
Social Justice

Why Police Reform Is Not Enough

The focus on reforms like improved training doesn’t solve racially biased policing. That’s because of the nature of policing itself.

Alex Vitale | Jun 02, 2020
A scene from the People’s Climate March. Photo by Light Brigading / Flickr.

The New Grassroots Heroes: They Fight Pollution—and Police Brutality—And They’re Changing How Social Movements Happen

"The global justice movement, the antiwar movement, the climate movement: We are now part of a much larger, more systemic movement that really sees the interrelationships between all these systems and climate destruction."

Laura Flanders | Nov 15, 2014

“It’s About Terrorizing Us”: Environmental Racism Expert Draws Parallels With Police Brutality

“If this moment can be sustained through further conversations, I think there can be a breakthrough.”

Carol Linnitt | Jun 18, 2020
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Anti-Fascism Versus the Police, 1980s-Style

The Richmond Police Department was known for being “tough." But a grassroots campaign called “Stop Killer Cops!” exposed an active White supremacist group inside the force.

James Tracy & Hilary Moore | Jun 10, 2020
Social Justice

What Comes Next for Portland’s Protests?

After more than 100 days of continual demonstrations, protesters in Portland are looking to the future—and each other—for ways to sustain their movement for Black lives.

Isabella Garcia | Dec 09, 2020
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